Friday, February 26, 2010

New Married Life

Well here we are, 2 months of being married and it's been quite the experience! It has been so great being together all the time and having our own place with all of our own stuff and not having to share with roommates anymore! (Which definitely is bittersweet because I miss Paige's closet a lot!) In the last 2 months we've been able to do some really fun things. First off, we got MARRIED on January 2 in the Las Vegas Temple! I now understand what people mean when they say it was kind of a blur of a day. It went by wayyy too fast and I hardly remember anything about the reception so I am relying on my pictures to give me those memories. It was such a great time though! It was so nice to have all of our family come down for the occasion! I had almost my entire extended family there and Trent's immediate family all traveled out for it so it was quite the party.
The week after that we had our open house in AZ. Leaving Utah in the middle of one of the coldest weeks was such a relief when we landed in 70 degree Mesa. I think it was that weekend that I told Trent that we can move back there someday and I'd stopped fighting it. Our open house was so beautiful and so much fun! The food was to die for too! All in all I think our wedding was awesome and it couldn't have gone better.
After the open house we headed back to Utah to start real life. Trent is going to school full-time and it sooo busy this semester trying to keep up with his classes. While he is going to school, I am working full-time at a law office to make us some money before I start Dental Hygiene school in May. It's been a nice break from school this semester but I am ready to get back to it. It's been weird not having school to worry about. It's just a different feeling not worrying about the next test and the paper due next week and whatnot. I didn't think I'd miss school but I'm having slight withdrawals from it. I am enjoying working but since it's not what I want to do for the rest of my life I feel like I'm walking in circles a little bit. So May couldn't come soon enough! Only two more months!
In our spare time, we have spent some nice quality time with Becky and Ryan. Recently our purpose for going up there is for our Bachelor parties. Becky and I love it and Trent and Ryan I think do too but they pretend they don't by making fun of it a bit. But, they are still there watching every time. Aside from that, I have recently become slightly addicted to LOST. I started watching the first season in December and I'm about halfway through the series. I think I'll time it perfectly so I finish the 5th season right around the time the 6th and final season ends and I will then just watch it all the way through to the end without week breaks in the middle. I don't know how people handle that. I feel like I can't go a 2 days without watching it. It is very addicting.
This last week we also decided to take a little road trip down to California with my family to go to Disneyland!!! Trent hadn't been in almost 10 years so it was so fun! It was his first time going to California Adventure and he loved it! I don't know how he missed out on the happiest place on earth for that long! It was really fun though because my Grandparents came and so did 2 of my dad's brothers and their families. My Grandma Robison is such a trooper. She went on every roller coaster she could. My Grandpa thought for a second she was going to die because she was going on so many. It was so funny. She also got us in through the exit so we were able to walk onto a bunch of rides without the long lines. Also on our trip, I also was able to introduce Trent to Hula Pie! It is my all-time favorite dessert and I rarely have the opportunity to get it. The restaurant Dukes (where it is made) is only on the beach. So they are only in Hawaii or California basically. It was quite the treat.
So that is the lowdown on our lives these days. We have been having so much fun and can't wait for more fun times to come!

Trent and I at the Moguls qualifying round for the Olympics.

Before his haircut


After! He is also sooo excited to go to Disneyland