Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Well I am a little behind on the blogging thing. I really did have every intention of taking weekly pictures to keep up with my growing belly, but that obviously didn't happen haha. So we'll start from the beginning.  I found out I was pregnant on January 27th. I didn't really feel very sick beforehand at all. The week after though, I was only eating crackers and drinking gingerale. Then the funniest thing happened after 5 or so days of that and I was suddenly not sick anymore. So that was amazing and made things so so much easier. I really do feel for people who get terrible morning sickness. I am amazed they can hide it! The only inconvenience I have felt during this time has been serious heartburn! It started around Easter and has been an issue since. It slowed down a little bit towards the end of my second trimester, but is back full force. I am downing TUMS as much as I am allowed every day.
In other big baby news..... We are having a BOY!! We are very excited! We found out on April 18th. It was kind of funny how it all happened. The week we got back from our trip to Europe, we had a wedding reception to go to. We ran into one of our friends from BYU and she told us she was in school and needed pregnant people to come in and get free ultrasounds. Our doctor's appointment to find out the sex of the baby wasn't until the first week of May so we were happy to go in and see if they could tell. Sure enough they could and it is a boy! The instructor that was in the room kept calling it "Mr. Winky" so we were dying haha. There is just something a little awkward about that nickname don't you think?
Here are some pictures documenting the growing belly. I don't remember the exact dates they were taken but mostly in May and June.

Natalie and me after finding out we are having a boy!
This is at a Colorado Rockies when we went out to visit Becky and Ryan. I was about 24 weeks.
This is at my baby shower in Arizona with Kaitlin. I was roughly 25 weeks here and I beleive she was 38ish weeks. She had her cute baby boy less than 2 weeks later
This is a sign right in front of our grocery store in the best parking spot. This is one reason I am loving Ohio.