Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

So last year Trent and I had a pretty uneventful Halloween. We didn't get costumes or go out. I'm pretty sure it involved Trent, Paige and I indulging in some Graham Canyon Creamery Ice Cream and watching a not so scary movie. This year was a little different. We ended up going to a Halloween party one of our friends threw so it was a great time. We also were lucky enough to have Skyler and Kaitlin and new baby Caleb in town to hang out with a little bit!

A fun night at Trafalga
A cute little bear
Trent and I were Peter Pan and Captain Hook. We were pretty excited to find this wig for Trent

Here we are with Katlin and Skyler before they left to drive home to AZ and they were nice enough to let us see Caleb in his cute horse costume

Also just wanted to also wish everyone a Happy Nevada Day! I miss Las Vegas and wish Trent would let me move back some day but regardless it will always be home!!

Also a little shout out to my family who went to Disneyland this weekend without me. After the hundreds (literally, probably hundreds) of times my mom has ridden Splash Mountain, she never fails to give a great reaction for the camera. I just wanted to share how awesome she is with everyone. This picture made me laugh when my dad sent it to me.

P.S. Is it bad that I currently have Christmas music playing? Too soon?

Sunday, October 10, 2010


So I quickly learned that the Romney's are a very crafty family. This is a craft I started while in Arizona but didn't get to finish due to time restraints so I just wanted to showcase the final product. Not too shabby huh?