Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer of 2010

I am amazed at people who can blog about their lives on a consistent basis. I will have to try to develop that skill in the future. I am a little bit of a hypocrite. I seriously blog stalk all the time!!! When our regular blogs haven't posted in awhile we start to get a little frustrated. So here is my attempt to entertain if anybody else feels this way and we are a regular on their list.

Our lives this summer were jam packed with school and work. It was hard to wake up to a perfect summer day outside and not be able to enjoy it because I was in school all day. It is also a little pathetic that I didn't go swimming until the end of August!!! Man my summers sure have changed from my high school days. I was swimming with my friends on a weekly basis and I was so concerned about my tan back then that I would go tanning outside daily. But nonetheless it was a fantastic summer! We were both in school full time and we did better than I would have thought given the summer syndrome. I am in my second semester now in dental hygiene school and it has been really fun! I started seeing patients last week so if anyone is interested and you can spare 3 hours of your day come hang out with me for only $10. Trent is only 3 semesters away from graduating and we are so excited! He is unfortunately taking all of his hard classes in the next 2 so it will be a tough 8 months but will be worth it in the end.

This summer we were lucky enough to finally go on a honeymoon. Our destination of choice was New York City!!! Trent had never been so it was the perfect opportunity! I will just show you in pictures how awesome it was!!
Best Chocolate Restaurant Ever!!

Little Natalie is so adorable! She is such a little chubsters
Looking out at the Statue of Liberty
This is us at the top of the Empire State Building. We decided to go at night to see all the lights which was a pretty cool experience.
Of Course we had to go to a Mets game.
Unfortunately the temple was closed but here is a shot from the outside.
Trent and Caleb became best buds on the trip. I'm pretty sure Caleb thinks Trent is the coolest thing ever. We met up with them for dinner one night and I went to sit next to Caleb and he told me I was sitting in Trent's seat so I had to move. haha Where is the loyalty?
The Natural History Museum
Trent's first time seeing Wicked!!
The Met

The Brooklyn Bridge

We went to the Yankees game as well. There was a rain delay for about an hour so it lasted FOREVER! We were fortunately under a covered area so it didn't bother us.

That pretty much wraps it up. It was such a memorable week and we are glad we went!