Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's been awhile

Well Trent and I have had quite the last couple of months. Sadly I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have so it won't be a very picture-filled post, sorry.

I started my dental hygiene program in May and I love it so far!! It's so interesting to me so I love going to school everyday. It feels nice to be on the direct path to what I want to do. I'm 2 months in so only 18 more months until I will get paid to do it instead of pay people to let me do it haha. We've just been learning the basics so far. It has come to my knowledge that I will be giving numbing shots to people, so that has me pretty worried. I don't think my dental hygienist ever did that so I assumed it wasn't up my alley. Hopefully those Robison genes will show up and I'll learn to be great at numbing people's mouths.

I've also recently started a new job at Sammy's Cafe. It's been really fun so far! I don't think I've enjoyed a job as much as this one. There is always something fun going on and new people coming in so there's never a dull moment. I won't lie, the Pie Shakes there are amazing!

As for Trent, he just started summer term at BYU and is looking forward to finishing Physics off. It will be tough but I think he's up for the challenge. He also just finished up in a Provo City Softball League. His team ended up doing pretty well. At the beginning of the season they crushed all the competition. Then as the season went on they lost a few but still ended strong. They have their tournament this weekend so we're hoping they bring their A-game.

Trent has also just started a new job. He is back at Mr. Network making outbound calls. I applaud him for going back there. When we worked there last summer we both made pretty good money, but the job is just so repetitive. It's hard to be motivated to go to that job but he has kept a positive attitude about it so far. I'm happy he is taking the time to work this summer while his schedule is going to be crazy with school.

As for the both of us.... we just joined a coed softball team so that'll keep us entertained for the summer. It should be fun because it's with friends we don't see too often anymore. Trent went and bought me a new glove for this occasion so it's a pretty big deal.

I also want to give a shout out to my Grandpa Rueckert. He just turned 80 years old on June 13 and still is one of the sharpest people I've ever met. We went to his party at their clubhouse and we learned a lot about him we didn't know. I had no idea how athletic he was back in the day. I guess back in the 40s/50s there was a Church wide basketball tournament that was a huge deal. There were teams from all over the country that
came solely for this tournament. So my Grandpa was 1 of 5 guys chosen to be on the top team in the whole tournament so he was amazing! It was fun listening to him tell us about it because he still remembers the scores of all the games he played in! I don't even remember what Trent's softball teams score was last week. We learned a lot more about him too but I thought that was pretty fun.

So for the biggest and best news of all.... I fulfilled a childhood dream and saw the Backstreet Boys in concert. It was seriously one of my favorite concerts! It was so much fun! I went with my friends Paige, Courtney and Brooke. We were lucky enough to get tickets on the 9th row!! We were literally 20 feet from the stage. Those were the best tickets I've ever had to a concert. It was fun to live out my elementary dream. I never thought I'd be that close to Nick Carter haha. I still felt like they were huge big time celebrities. Definitely worth spending the whole evening going to Salt Lake for.
Here is a little video too

So that's all for now. We're excited its summer time and we're going to be visiting everyone in the family soon!! Even my sister Niki and her family in New York!!!