Friday, October 7, 2011


I am oddly enough enjoying the weather changing in Utah this week. I never thought I would appreciate the cold like I do this year. Maybe this is due to it being probably our last change of the seasons in Utah. This seems so surreal to me so I am trying to take full advantage of this Fall weather.

I am looking forward to everything the next few months will bring to us.Christmas is just around the corner people! And do you know what that means.....? Trent and I will be college graduates!!!! This has been 20+ years in the making. I cannot believe it is so close. I do have to say, we are having major issues with Senioritis in the Romney household. Trent is taking his last hard classes and applying to Podiatry school and I am studying for my boards examinations and going to school everyday from 8-5. Whoever decided that Dental Hygienists should take 6 different boards in the span of 1 month was off their rocker. I am trying so hard to stay motivated to study but it is so close to the end I want to just skip the studying part and get to the real world part.

Besides graduating in 66 days, we have a lot of other things to look forward to. My little sister and I are signed up to run in a Halloween half marathon at the end of October. I have wanted to do this half marathon for the last few years but due to other circumstances I haven't been able to do it but this year it wasn't an option. I felt like this was my last chance. We'll see how that goes though since our training has been minimal, but I am excited to accomplish this goal. We also have been going to BYU football games which is always a good time, especially when they win their games. But most of all, we are excited to not have such a hectic life that keeps us away from everything fun in the world! It will be amazing to see Trent everyday and not have to worry about either of us locking ourselves in the other room to study. Granted it will probably only be like this for about 8 months until Trent starts school, but we'll take what we can get.
Well unfortunately I'm not very good at taking pictures but here are some things we've been up to latelyMy Grandpa Robison passed away at the end of July. We had a family reunion the week before he passed and we were all able to see him one last time. It was a very sweet and special experience for all of us. It was great to have everyone in the family there to celebrate his incredible life. My uncle Dan and his family were in Northern Utah for a week and we went to the Indian Festival with them in Spanish Fork. Trent and David were having a good time goofing off together.

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