Friday, April 13, 2012

Life happenings

Well I have not been good about posting, as usual, but we have had a lot of big things happen in our lives the last few months.

 Trent and I both finished our bachelors degrees in December and could not be more thrilled about it.  Trent graduated in Public Health and I graduated in Dental Hygiene. (Trent didn't walk for graduation hence no picture of his)

We were then lucky enough to spend Christmas with my family up in Idaho at the family cabin.  This was my first time up there during the winter and it really wasn't as cold as I thought it would be.  It was so great being able to go skiing and snowmobiling and to pick out and cut down our own Christmas tree.  We especially loved having Caleb and Natalie around to make it a little more exciting.


A few days after Christmas we made our way back to Provo to move out of our first apartment together.  We had to sell the rest of our stuff and pack it all up.  This was a bitter sweet thing for us.  We really did love our setup down there but we were really excited to move on from the BYU life.  

 After all of that commotion we moved down to Arizona until this summer when Trent starts Podiatry school in Ohio.  When we got there the first thing I had to do was get all of my licensing complete so I could practice dental hygiene here.  That ended up taking a little longer than I thought, but by the end of January I was licensed and ready to work.
 On January 27, the day before Trent's birthday, I found out I was pregnant! We decided not to tell everyone until we went to the doctor and made sure everything was good and normal.  Only our parents knew until I was about 13 weeks along and then we told our families.  As of now I'm almost 17 weeks and my due date is September 24th!

Since then I have been working as a temp hygienist until we get out to Ohio. This has been really nice because I feel like I've been able to improve my skills and learn a lot about different offices.  It is also nice to be able to pick when I work and not feel guilty if I have to take a few days off.  

We also just traveled to England and Italy with my family! This was a once in a lifetime experience, but that will just have to wait for another post with a couple hundred pictures.  But life is going good now and we look forward to our last couple months in Mesa and then moving on to Ohio for our next big adventures!

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