Thursday, April 29, 2010


Trent and I were finally getting well adjusted to life and now the people we spend the most time with are all moving! Its pretty sad. My sister Melissa moved out of Provo last week after about 8 years of living here. She is currently in Thailand for a few weeks and will then be moving to Mesa to go to Physician Assistant school at AT Still. I'm excited she's at least moving somewhere we will visit somewhat often so I will still see her but its still pretty sad. Then to add more on top of that, Becky and Ryan are moving to Colorado this weekend!! We're pretty bummed about that because we love seeing our little nieces all the time. Lexie will definitely not like us now because we will go so long without seeing her. So in conclusion we are pretty sad that our siblings decided to bail on us within a week of each other... too much change at once.

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